Green is among the least common eye color worldwide. Eye color is an inherited quantitative trait where a group of genes determine the kind of eye color an individual is going to have. Having green eyes is often appreciated as being attractive owing to the fact that green is a beautiful color, but more so for the fact that it is less common and hence unique in a way. Now, as attractive as green eyes may be, they have been accentuated and complimented by the right eye makeup for green eyes if a person is to fully enjoy having green eyes. Makeup is intended to highlight the good features while concealing the flaws and with that regard, a good eye makeup for green eyes should be able to bring out the green in eyes as naturally as possible as this is one feature anyone will gladly want to show off rather than conceal. The best and safest colors which work well with green eyes include the browns, from deep chocolate brown to light beige, the pinks, the purples, peach, mauve, bronze and khaki. For those bold enough for that striking gorgeous look, warm or shimmery shades of greens combined with the deepest of black liner will easily provide the kick when tastefully included in the eye makeup for green eyes.